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Who dem fools?


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This is a collection of words and photos by Rich and Olwen.  We are both 30, married, unemployed and loving it.  Since leaving the UK in October 2013 we have backpacked through the Americas, traveling from the U.S.A down to Brazil as well as parts of western Europe before embarking on a coast to coast cycling trip through France.  We have recently been volunteering in Herault, France at a work-away project.  Our travels are all detailed here on this blog. We really don’t know what we are going to do next, and to be honest, we’re ok with that.  Just let things happen.



This blog is mainly about where we are for the handful of people who care and for our memories, but we also try to inform on the areas we go, with links where possible.

Any questions please hit us up at hoptgf@gmail.com

Much Love,

Rich & Ollie xx


“El tiempo no me mueve.  Yo me muevo con el tiempo.”


11 thoughts on “Who dem fools?

  1. As I said before you left, returning to the shit job should be regarded as a failure on your behalf.

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog!

    Enjoy Guatemala!


    • Hi John,

      It’s a great post! We’re off to Tikal in about four days so great to read about your time there. Love your blog. Sounds like your doing some remarkable stuff. Thanks for looking back!



  3. Thank you!

    I’m sure you’ll have a great time in Tikal (and I’ll have to read about it to get some tips if I go back there!).

    I also visited Lago de Izabal, Rio Dulce, and Livingston (which I’m in the process of writing about) – I really liked that area too, particularly the boat trip along the Rio Dulce between the two towns – if you’re in that part of Guatemala, it’s well worth checking out. There are also some lovely places on the river to stay at.

    Happy Travels!

  4. Rich & Ollie Gracias por chequear mi blog!
    I love all the pictures and the post that you made of El Zonte!
    Rich Tu camisa de pilsener es un like total!

    Disfruten su viaje! & keep us posted

    Karla J

    • Hi KarLa,

      Thanks for checking us out and your kind words!

      I’m wearing the shirt right now, even though its a got a stain on it I can’t get out, i won’t be throwing it away anytime soon.


      Rich ‘n’ Ollie

  5. You realize, of course, that travel will now forever be your reason to be alive… Welcome to the club!

  6. Hello,
    I wanted to ask your permission if I could use a few of your photos from your trip to El Salvador on my hotel website and facebook page. Specifically a few from Santa Ana (Cathedral, inside City Hall, Park).

    Nice blog. So jealous of your travels… 😉

    • Hi Andrea. You can of course use our photos. We would be honoured. Please let us know when you have published. Would be great to see. What’s the name of your hotel? Maybe we’ll stay when we come back. 😀

  7. Hi Richard. Thank you so much!

    How should I do the photo credits? To your name or to hoponthegoodfoot.com?

    It’s not my hotel (I wish). I’m helping out my friends (the owners) by getting their hotel out to the international community via the internet. So I created a facebook page and a website for them. And getting them listed on hotel booking sites. The name of the hotel is Hotel Livingston in Santa Ana. I’m living at the hotel temporarily (the only English speaking person!) 🙂

    The hotel is basic, but clean, close to downtown, secure and affordable (depends on what you’re looking for). They’re also doing renovations right now (about time I say) 🙂

    website: HotelLivingston.weebly.com
    facebook: @HotelLivingstonSantaAnaElSalvador (I don’t have the url in front of me but it’s easy to find)
    We’re also on booking.com but I’m waiting on photos from the owners (only 2 right now…ugh)

    I really appreciate you letting me use your pics. And if you do make it back here, there are many more places to see. So definitely let me know if you decide to come here again.

    And I’ll let you know when the pics are up…..
    Take care,

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