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Playa El Zonte

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8 thoughts on “Playa El Zonte

  1. Great pictures!!! Beautiful beach, glad you enjoyed El Salvador!

  2. Nice pictures, and so glad to enjoy my country, El Salvador is small but its full of great places, beautiful towns, impressive volcanoes and amazing people! I hope that you can get back and enjoy others places!

    • In approximately 10 days, we hid away in the quaint colonial lake side hideaway of Suchitoto, took in the bustling market and city life of Santa Ana, explored the towns of Ruta de Flores, hiked along extinct volcanoes through coffee fields and waterfalls and ate like kings at an epic food festival. We then spent 10 days just chilling by the sea. I can only imagine what we would do with three more weeks given the chance! There is so much more to see, we will definitely be back, although it would be tempting to just spend it on the coast again!

      Thanks for reading and your kind words!

  3. I am so happy you enjoyed my country .. It is not an easy travel but it so worth it !! Great pics btw.. Love them all!

  4. I enjoyed this post as much as you guys enjoyed the country. Well done and glad you loved it.

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