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24 hours in Bogotá


A sad day, leaving the coast of Colombia. Reluctantly we headed to Santa Marta airport only to find that the chilled vibe continues there; it is certainly the only airport I have ever been to that has a beachside waiting room. Ok, you can’t go for a swim, but certainly a change from your usual duty free fuelled hours of misery.

Santa Marta beach side airport

Santa Marta beach side airport

24 hours in Bogotá. Meaning 24 hours left in Colombia! Determined to make the most of it, we visited some tourist hot spots and dipped our toes in Bogatanian/Colombian culture before a spot of last minute shopping. Just to make it more interesting I set a little photo challenge. Try and capture the colours of Colombia in everyday life when walking around the city.

We stayed in La Candelaria which is the older area with a nice, studenty vibe and left us wanting to get to know it a little better. As with all cities, you need time to really explore and immerse yourself.  Time we simply didn’t have. Oh well, off to Brazil we go…


4 thoughts on “24 hours in Bogotá

  1. Dear Richard and Olwen, I am totally amazed by your blod and the photography you posted, thanks a lot for that! I am going myself to south america and I guess you had a DSLR Cam, too? I wanted to ask you which lenses you took with you and which program you used to edit the pictures? I am quite new to that field but I am taking my camera with me and it would be great if you had some tips for me! Regards, Tina

    • Hi Tina,

      Thanks for checking us out and your kind words. Pictures are so important, even before we started the blog, we were instagram addicts! We had a bridge camera, a Nikon L320 Superzoom thingy, but we found it couldn’t handle many of the shots we were taking, especially low light. Macro was ok, but we’re not in the business of taking shots of bugs and flowers…much. The majority of our shots were taken with an iPhone 4s. Some of the editing was on the go with snapseed, but most of our editing was done with the basic windows live photo gallery. It has nothing on photoshop/lightbox/apple photo, but its free and decent enough to tinker with contrast/saturation ect.

      I can give you no advice on the type of lenses to take, but if we did it again (and hopefully we will one day!) we would get a GoPro, mainly because of their versatility and size. If you think of the activities you may be undertaking such as caving, surfing, hiking through jungle/waterfalls, bike riding, scuba diving, slipping and sliding down volcanoes, the go pro can record all of this. Lugging around heavy camera stuff is a pain, but if you are passionate about it then i guess you won’t mind. Personally, our bridge took up too much room for us in the end.

      Good luck, looking forward to reading your posts. Any other questions please feel free to ask!



      • Dear Richard,

        I have a Pentax K50 which is water resistant so I hope that it will do it for the majority of the activities I would like to do. I am so excited to explore some of the places you posted about and thanks for following my blog, but actually I just changed the name again as I was told the first one is not actually expressing the message I wanted it to, so here’s the new name: http://www.travel2discoverlife.wordpress.com, so if you are really interested in reading my future post, just delete the old one and add the one above.

        Hope you are doing well and thanks a lot for your answer!

        Warm regards from Germany,


      • No worries…done…followed. Have a blast!

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