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What the hell is a Tegucigalpa?

So, planning.  Our first stop is NYC.  We have the one way flight booked.  I spent hours planning a route to New Orleans ensuring we take in as much of Americana as possible in a muscle car listening to The Boss on repeat. We then spend a couple of months dreaming of BBQ, Blues and camping in bear cages.  Suddenly, after the hours of planning, this becomes plan B.  The new plan, rent campervan and spend a whole month driving from NYC to LA.  Inspired by this wonderful blog  we go back to the drawing board.


Hours of research, mapping a route, googling, costing, serious spread-sheet action detailing basic daily cost of petrol/van rental over 25 day period (roughly $120 per day) result in a conservative estimation of around $7000 for five weeks in one one country (This includes 7 nights in NYC of course).  Suddenly we stop joyfully referring to our future as ‘hashtag vanlife’ and have to think realistically.  This just isn’t gonna work!

This leads me to keep thinking realistically (I hate doing this) about what we are actually going to have time to do.  I’ll be honest, I have thought very little about what we will be doing after the first 5-6 weeks.  I assumed that this would just happen organically and we would find ourselves taking in every sight and sound that South America has to offer after heading through Tijuana.  I assumed the isthmus making up the 7 countries of Central America is just a route to the good stuff below.  I then realised I had pretty much no idea about any of them.  I have never needed to.

Now, the problem, I know too much.  I’ve greedily read about El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and Nicaragua.  The shocking history, rich culture and the natural beauty that these lands have to offer.  I proudly run to Ollie and tell her all of the wonderful things we should see and do on the way to that chocolate box of wonder down south.  Again, reality kicks in.  She points out that all we have is seven months.  That’s 210 days.  This is all we have to travel around these continents until we head back to Europe for a wedding.  Sadly, this is not enough time to take in around 18 countries.

Now we just don’t know what to do.  As for the USA.  This now seems like a tiny part of the trip.  An entrance to the adventure below.  Seven days in NYC, fly to San Diego for two days and head into Tijuana is the new plan and that is set.  For now anyway.

We have never wanted to plan this trip.  We have never wanted to have to stick to a schedule (thus the one way flight only) to ensure we can actually try and get off the ‘Gringo Trail’ as much as possible.  But now we realise, we have to do a bit of planning and have some targets.  But can we plan?  Look at the start.  ‘Hahstag vanlife’ was once a burning desire (all of three weeks ago) and now, its gone!  Planning is the wrong word I think.  Ideas maybe.  As we learn more, our plans change.  This has happened constantly over the last six months and i suspect will continue to do so while we are on the road.

So do we have a route yet?  You would hope so.  We are leaving in three weeks.  The truth is No.  I still don’t know really what the plan is after we hit Tijuana.  Just Ideas.   As for what a Tegucigalpa is, if you don’t know, you should find out….


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Not another travel blog?

I know…tedious right! Why do you want to read about what I’m doing while you’re at work? You probably don’t. To be honest this is mainly for me and the few people in my life that may care where my wife Olwen (Ollie) and I are in the world and what we’re up to.

I have a terrible memory so I decided to start documenting our recent travels on Instagram. It is a great concept and an amazing App in my humble opinion. The only factor about Social Networking that I enjoy in fact is the ability to see into peoples lives through photography. A bit ‘stalky’ I know, but I’m just being honest.

The banality of Facebook updates or Tweets seem to make me less sociable in the way that I immediately delete people who endlessly bang on about train delays, their crappy jobs or what they plan to eat for lunch nom nom nom! Sharing spiteful and pointless videos with one another or asking you to hit the ‘Like’ button if you hate Jimmy Saville. We all hate Jimmy, cancer, people who hit animals with sticks, gun crime, Arsenal F.C and Marmite. I would hope that I didn’t have to say it out loud and people would just assume.

Rant over…basically; it’s not my cup o’ tea any more. I’ve decided to try the world of blogging instead. I recognise the irony however as you have probably stumbled onto this blog via my own promotion through FB or Twitter. It’s just where everyone I know spend their online time it seems.

Again…”Why? Just get on with it!” I hear you say.

Ollie and I married last year in June 2012 and currently share a one bedroom flat in Brixton, London. We have been there for four years. I have been working shift work for the past four years, while Ollie has been living the 9-5 (8-6) ‘dream’ for even longer.

We are planning to leave the country for at least a year. The point of this trip is to just break free for a while and reassess our lives, but we both have our own reasons for it as well. We like our lives together in London. We are not bored. Life in London has a sell-by date, for me anyway. Personally I have never had any time off to travel and have waved goodbye to many friends, smugly jetting to the other side of the world to drink beer in the sun and see a temple or two for a year. Now it’s my turn!

We plan to start our travels on October 15th 2013, heading for NYC firstly and diving southwards through the rest of the countries that we encounter.

Thanks for reading if you’ve got this far down. I will try and keep this updated but, I plan to ‘unplug’ for a while when I’m away…