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Beg, Borrow or Steal (also buy at a reasonable price) our way from Kent to Montpellier


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Hi lovely Family and  internets!

We at HopOnTheGoodFoot, are in need of some assistance!

We have decided that we are coming back to the YouKay for7 days W/C 7th July, where we will start putting together some Tour Bicycles and planning our route back to the South of France. Essentially traveling between 800-1000 miles by rail and road. We have bikes…and the know how (Ollies Dad) but we haven’t got the stuff! Here’s the list:

2 x Kickstand
4 x Front Pannier Racks
2 x Rear Pannier Racks
2 x sets of full Mudguards
4 x Bottle cages
2 x Rear Pannier Bags (40L)
4 x Front Pannier Bags (25L)
2 x small Saddle bag
2 x Handlebar bag
2 x Mirrors
We appeal to you kind people to see if you can help us out with any of the kit list. We will be keen to take anything you can spare to help free up some essential space in your garages and back rooms. If you can’t part with it for free, we are open to buying things for reasonable prices. Anything we don’t find through Social media will be gumtree & Freecycle ect… If you have anything bike related that you think may come in handy, then let us know also!

If you do have anything to spare, please let us know asap, and I (Rich) will sort out a day on between 7th-9th where i can pick it up from you at your house or at your work.  (Must be around the London area..or near-about)

If you would like to mail it to us, that would be great and we would pay for Super speedy postage. Just let us know it’s coming.

If you have anything, just  message us at hoptgf@gmail.com

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

If you would like to Join u on this crazy trip then let us know. It will a trip filled with handsome landscapes, amazing weather, cheap living, good wine and relatively interesting chat.

If you have any ideas on where we can get any of this stuff asap, or any tips for the trip in general, please let us know!

Much Love,

Ollie & Rich


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